Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Senegal Part Deux

Finn at the Lagoon beach....not too keen on surfing

Street vendor
Street scene in Dakar (above), below the westernmost point of Africa, Pointe des Almadies, Cap Vert Peninsula (17*33'22"W) as seen from the lighthouse. Supposed to have the best surfing....not that we would know it hooo hoooo....

Owen, enjoying the ocean waves (above) the street as seen from the 5th floor

(Above) the yet-to-be-completed African Renaissance statue/monument... at 50 meters it's just a wee bit taller than Lady Liberty and sits high atop one of two 100 meter hills just beyond the city of Dakar
Chai, the American poodle, living large in the big city.
Finn, trampolining with a stunning ocean view. Below, the bus barn with the Dakar Demm Dikk "coming and going"
apologies for the randomness of these latest posts! Fighting fatigue and frequent power cuts....

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