Monday, February 7, 2011

Says WHO?

How do you explain to an emergent reader why the word WHO is actually pronounced HOO?

Santa laughs HO! HO! HO!  Mom exclaims "woo-hoo!" from time to time (when there is mozzarella cheese at shoprite?).  Dad works with the World Health Organisation - WHO.

It is causing MANY problems and tears at 23b.  Please, someone tell us:  Why is WHO not w-ho?

Saturday, February 5, 2011


Remember these clowns? ...and that insane 'exersaucer?'

I have resurrected an old computer and a dying external hard drive and found some previously inaccessible photo files.  I have yet to figure out how to unlock our first digital camera that we got when when O was born. (What do I notice about the above photo - the dishwasher!)

This innocent little play ball was FPFJ's kryptonite.  We once used it as a baby gate; we (cruelly?) put it in the doorway and he was so scared of it he wouldn't even come close.  The koosh-ball phobia lasted for months despite all attempts to condition him otherwise. (Note:  If he needs therapy as an adult, and we are not around, please refer his analysit to this post. ) 

The  Little Engineer surveying the caboose installation at the head of the Iron Goat Trail.  Even FPFJ has outgrown that red shirt that TJ got at the UN in NYC on his way back from Sierra Leone one trip. We just gave away those awesome Vans here -- they are still in great shape and we got them from a consignment shop for $5.  the shoes we have now may last 2 months and are in no condition to hand down.  I sound like an old lady.  Actually, maybe by now I AM an old lady?! Next birthday.

(above, FPFJ trying to get a better view of the naval sub station across the strait from the beach at Battle Point on one of those unbelievably beautiful PNW summer days --"HIGHER!")

RIP to my kitchenAid.  It did not survive the 240 volt-on-a-converter transition to zambia.  This was back in the day when Mr. 13Socks was first expermenting with the CChip cookie recipe. Good thing for such rigorous testing (and hygiene?) standards....

Ah, the onsie days.  surely he's off to see if mommy forgot to put up the dog-dish. 

Mr. 2-Teeth's cardboard play house: it lasted in our for months and months and survived many transformations.  It was just a house at first, then a theater, then a bakery, a science laboratory, and then... O wised up and realized if he took ALL the diapers he could sell them to mommy to pay for more laboratory equipment:

We just got balloons this week to do an expanded version of this experiment, adding heat to the equation.  An the glasses below?  just recycled as part of the harry potter costume!

It's good to take a trip down memory lane once in a while.