Sunday, August 30, 2009


One more stop before heading back to Lusaka! We spent the rest of the week in Senegal visiting with friends and seeing a bit of Dakar. Above is a photo taken from the Phare des Mamelles (Cap Vert) -- one of the 9 or so lighthouses around Dakar -- of the city and the yet unfinished "African Renaissance" statue which is just a bit taller than Lady Liberty. Sure we saw the sights, went out to Isle de Madeleine for the afternoon, had drinks poolside at the super-luxe Radisson Blu, snorkelled and swam, stuffed ourselves with ice cream and croissants, dined at the most fabulous rooftop ethiopian restaurant (wink, wink)...but this little guy was the real reason for the extended layover. What a treat to finally meet the cutest kid on the continent.

I need to download photos from Owen's camera yet--I'll post a mess of photos from this trip next week! Stay tuned!

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