Tuesday, September 22, 2009

art attack

Above, one of the more successful projects we did in our monday art class -- crayon wax paper lanterns. Other projects for term 1: scientific illustration, origami and paper folding (airplanes), digital photography, 3-d construction, mandalas and.....any ideas? Origami was a disaster! (the 3 different airplanes we folded made up for it)

Wednesday is our "Passports Club" day -- we (Finn is my assistant and Owen is one of my students) are doing fun geography studies and learning 3 new countries each week. The kids (12 in this group) are extremely enthusiastic. I'm struggling to keep up with them.

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Teresa said...

The lanterns are lovely! I got a chuckle at your "trouble keeping up with..." sentence. Oh yeah, I know the feeling all too well.