Saturday, September 26, 2009

do you vuvu?

FIFA is considering banning the vuvuzela for World Cup....I am considering a similar ban at 23b. What is a vuvuzela? A long plastic horn that makes a hideously loud and awful noise. The plastic ones come blank but are 'customizable' with stickers, paint, beads, flags (there are little loops to hold a banner or flag), carrying straps, etc. Thankfully for us, blowing the horn properly (i.e. loudly, obnoxiously) takes quite a lot out of you so while the din is incredible, it's usually followed but silence and heavy breathing... Vuvus (or lepatata) used to be made of tin, they came about in South Africa the 1990s but some say the horn originally was a kudu horn and it was used to call village meetings.
O and Finn calling a meeting


Teresa said...

I have seen European and African 'football' on TV and I must say the vuvu noise would totally ruin MY stadium experience.

Kathi of Clan Church said...

Wait a minute... is Finny on stilts or are those actually his legs? How much has that boy grown since August?!