Friday, May 28, 2010

No more, no less

Only 10?

And for no good reason, this one:

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Street soccer

Mr. 13Socks is clearly trying to edge me out of my comfy 'family photographer' position. Here are his snaps from a recent 'street soccer' event for one of his football-malaria awareness campaigns - a 15 team tournament held smack in the middle of town.

(unfortunately for Africa it's not yet half-time.....)


The school PTA put on a fabulous Soccer-Family-Fair-Funfest fundraiser event this past weekend. The highlight of the all-day event was the big prize raffle. Not the prizes so much (which were pretty awesome -- fancy luxe lodge weekends, dinners out, spa treatments, etc) but how they picked the winners. 'Each ticket' was a print-out of a ball....the balls were laid out all over the soccer pitch by the secondary school....the winners were determined by which ones were landed on by the SKYDIVERS!!

Three intrepid parents (two dads, one mom) launched them out of a little plane at 6,000 feet and all landed safely, on target, and right on schedule. Cool.


A recent project required that I do some portrait work. Rarely do I set a child in front of a blank blackdrop and ask them to smile pretty. Initially I was a bit aprehensive about the whole process but was glad I did it -- for the project and for the sake of trying something different. Below are a handful of my favorites. How can these kids not make you smile?

(this is the reaction we got when we told him we were
going to take away his crisps so we could take a photo!)

my favorite models