Monday, June 17, 2013

Senior Primary Sports Day 2013

Sports Day for Years 4-6 (and 7-12) at the Olympic Youth Development Centre was great fun.  Here are a few snaps from the day....featuring O, the new 400 meter record-holder (to be confirmed) and winner of the standing broad jump (190cm) and bean bag throw (27.2).

Fabulous effort in the long jump.
crossing the finish line at the end of his 400 m ... funny face - he couldn't conceal his pleasure with his run which was very carefully, strategically and handily won!

Look at this Fosbury-flop form!  Four boys from Year 6 were 'trained' in athletics and competed against each other.  It was fun to photograph and see the different styles. I would say owen had the best form but the least success.  Another one also had excellent form but just not the height.  One boy was EASILY clearing every jump by 20 cm (he won overall in the end) but he kept bumping the pole with a stray limb or foot on the way back down...will have to share the photos with the coaches ...very revealing!

JUMPING thru the finish -- this was the final heat of the 80m sprint....3 runners for Tamarind House and only O racing for Mopane....he put his all into the finish!  Exciting stuff! It was a photo finish but O crossed the line 3rd of 4 runners.

Contrary to what the photos show....there were TONS of other kids and great moments captured but I'm always reluctant to put other peoples' kids up -- there has to be SOME privacy left in the world, eh?  

Camping in Miniature

Despite the 9 degree C temp, we thew caution to the wind and packed 3 tents, some warm clothes and escaped our cold houses in favor of a colder but more charming setting.  Again, (like Easter Weekend) had a quick escape to our friends' plot with our favorite neighbors.  We invited one extra (and extra-ordinary) boy for overnight and had some other join us for brunch and kept two more extra boys to play the rest of the day. 

The 'miniature' function button on the camera is a wee bit tempting.  Generally I don't 'go for' these gimicky options but while I've been saving my ngwee to buy a proper "lens-baby" tilt shift lens every camera manufacturer in the world decided to add a built-in 'button'.  The results are enchanting!

 And, because the camping trip was mini (just one night - we brought dinner, got three tents set up as the sun was setting, cooked brunch and were home by dinner the next day), I'm just going to fully embrace the concept.

Here is our camping (Father's Day) weekend in miniature:



I can't imagine why pilot + shotgunner turned the boys mics OFF.  These clowns were treated to a 25 min flight by a team-mates' parent/pilot as an alt to a 3+hour bus ride to the last hockey tournament of the year.  They enjoyed it a wee bit.  Can you tell?

The view from the airport to downtown Lusaka (at the horizon).

The Kafue River

Agriculture in action. 
Landing at Mazabuka.