Sunday, February 9, 2014

Frog Socks

Inspection of the discovery
Hellloooooooo.  Funny things are happening week MUST be on it's way.  It's the only explanation.   A couple of years ago I did a big lesson on frogs.  One of the things I told the kids was something I read and thought was funny.  I also...didn't quite believe it myself.  Until just now.

I just hopped out of the pool...we're starting 'training' for the triathlon and the swim is really my focus b/c with the neighborhood's rabid dogs (they are just loose and unvaccinated but they bite, so I'm not taking changes) and our broken bicycles, running and cycling are kind of a challenge to get around to.

ANYWAY, I noticed a frog who was also trying to hop out of the pool.  I scooped it out and in doing so, noticed something funny....Could it BE?

In my froggy lesson one of things I taught was that frogs shed their skin just like other amphibians and reptiles....but instead of leaving them behind (as 'evidence' of this shedding) the frog wriggles out of it's skin like it's taking off it's clothes ....EATS the skin.  EATS it. Yup.  Crazy right? So, the froggy in my pool had the evidence dangling out of it's mouth.  A little gross.  But after inspecting the pool I noticed something funny floating around -- it was a Frog-SOCK!  Toes and everything, floating around, all inside out.

Cool? gross? funny?  I don't know but NOW I share this froggy fact with confidence having seen it with my very own eyes.

O 'tested' the skin -- i thought it would be more filmy and dissolving, but it was a bit stretchy, then broke when he pulled it a little more.

Back to work.  This years' lesson is on Chameleons.  TJ is doing Malaria+Mosquitoes 101 talks.  The kids projects....both very exciting.  One child is done and the presenation/report being written up, one still just has an idea.....send good thoughts our way.