Friday, October 9, 2009

Head first into FOUR

Baby Peter Finch

Happy birthday to Finny Peter Finch Jennings! He is literally charging into being four years old, crashing into every thing -- nothing broken yet but he continues to live up to his nickname as a baby, "Bonk." We have 3 ice packs in the freezer just to keep up. (and are really missing having auntie penny two door down!) I do think he hit a bit of a growth spurt recently and where last week he was clearing the tables, counters, corners, and such, now he is hitting them straight on. Ouch. Let's all hope he makes it to 5 in one piece.

Finn taking his first steps at one (above) and hamming it up with cousin Kyla and Owen at two

At 3, on the steps down to the Zambezi River at Kiambi, Zambia (above) and finally, last week in on the beach in Jambiani on Zanzibar, Tanzania. Finny is refusing to be photographed lately so most every photo of him is a blur or a silly face.

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Kathi of Clan Church said...

Re: the top photo. It seems impossible he was ever that little. Give him a belated birthday hug from all of us. I'm sure if Hank were there in person, the hug would end with a tackle for good measure.