Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pool Patinas

Concrete bench

The patinas studied here are the result of 48 years of use.  Patina's are defined as "accumulated changes in surface texture and colour that result from normal use of an object over time."  Lusaka's Olympic Pool was dedicated 9 months before Zambian independence (1964).  We are regular visitors to the pool, supporting it's maintenance 8,000 kwacha at a time.  The pool is used regularly by the Zambian amateur team (the Dolphins) and the Zambian National Team.  Typically when we swim, we are the only ones there and have the place entirely to ourselves.   While the facility is in obvious decay and the diving boards have long been abandonned, the pool itself is lovely....10 lanes wide, 50 meters long and crystal clear.  Seeing as March is our month of birthdays, I thought it fitting to celebrate the beauty and charm that can only come with age.  

Dressing room wall

Poolside table

Footbath tiles

Diving board

Poolside tables