Sunday, March 25, 2012

21 in Celsius!

Since we live in the wilds of Africa, (dusty roads, beautiful sunsets, noble People, blah, blah, blah) there is always the chance for an intimate animal encounter --- typically ants and frogs in Lusaka.  We live ON THE EDGE I tell you.  This year, Nana’s landmark birthday (this week she's turning celsius!) was charmed by an invasion of a different sort.  
The carefully constructed chocolate sheet cake with buttercream vanilla frosting (topped with crushed genuine Girl Scout Thin Mints hand carried from the mother land) attracted the attention of our friend Twiga.  We don’t know if Twiga had arrived at 23b after having found her way to the bottom of the amarula bottle or what.  The party started great, we had a few awkward introductions and social gaffaws....what DO YOU DO when a tipsy giraffe shows up uninvited??! There is no chapter in Emily Post about this.
Twiga carefully sampled the Thin Mint crust.  But slipped on a banana peel (how cliche) and eventually, well.....see for yourself.
 "mmmmmm. deliiiicshuuusss!" she mumbled, mouth full, as she dove HEAD FIRST into the cake. INTO the cake!  MMMMMM!  REALLY GOOD! 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NANA!  She shouted when she emerged, much to our relief, triumphant and with a mouth full of chocolate and icing!  Remember:  Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional.

Indeed.  Happy Birthday to all our happy family March birthdays:  Bev, Jane, Todd.
Thanks for the great excuse to celebrate and eat MORE CAKE!

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