Tuesday, April 24, 2012

rites of passage

This week we had the good fortune of sharing our young friend's first communion.  At a celebration dinner out it was fascinating to hear about all the different family traditions and the rites of passage that we have experienced ourselves and hope to share with our own children.  Congratulations J!
"ENOUGH!" says my model who despite FEELING very uncomfortable in front of the camera takes the most amazing photos.

The portrait work is going well....with plans for adding studio equipment and saving my Ngwee for a killer new camera.  InHouse Design is keeping me busy and happy and I'm able to balance the photography which is very hands on and intense with the design work which fills in the gaps and let's me stretch my creative muscles and really challenge my technical skills.  The Studio website is designed but not 'live'....I might just wait for summertime so I can tackle it in the land of bandwidth. (Unless of course there are any volunteers who want to take it on for me....anyone?)

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