Friday, March 9, 2012

Gourock and getting noticed by missing the mark

This billboard ad (all over Zambia) falls into the ever-growing category of "so bad it's good."

And of course THABC's Mama Chicken -- for the Love, Pleasure and Tasty:

Ignore the fact that it's situated on Chachacha Road between to Mama Chicken's Comfortable and Affordable Guest House  and AgroVet.....and upstairs from Dr. Wang's Surgery.  Don't mind the three people passed out on the rickety spiral staircase on your way up.  They serve Chinese food if the chicken is not sounding good at this point.

And since we are talking chickens, how can I not mention THIS Beauty:

Sure, it's a chicken....but look at the photo below. It's not just any chicken, it's a GIANT CHICKEN, one of "Zambia's Finest Chicks." It stands in the middle of a traffic roundabout on the main road to/from the airport and it's so awsome that I can't even put it into words.  Oh how we wish we had seen this fine chick in transit when the drove it down to it's Great East Road roost from Ndola.  To Hybrid's credit, the chicken--while, uh, large (unbelievably large) and uh, a bit odd, it's quite well-made. And as far as logos and taglines go their's absolutely cannot be beat. HYBRID: Zambia's Finest Chicks.

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