Saturday, October 12, 2013


High on our to-do list was some sort of ‘adventure’ park -- there were many options.  (again, too many).  We found a great, small, village-based Ziplining/abesailing/trekking option outside of Chaing Mai that looked safe, friendly and...bookable!  So we got up early and headed into the Doi Saket National Forest -- an adventure in and of itself. This was one of MANY such operations.  And, while other people might be after the “Gibbon” parks where you are adventuring WITH the wildlife or taking elephant treks, we do not have the best relationship with Monkeys OR a great longing to ride elephants, so this ‘encounter-free’ experience was truly our preference.  Thing 2 does not have a good relationship with the primate family to begin with and having just had some unhappy rabies experiences in Zambia, I was eager to keep some distance between us and our not-so distant cousins. 

Notably, this day was the only travel day that the two of us prone to motion sickness suffered. Oh, we suffered. (Only on the way there; we mentioned the problem and our dread for the roller-coaster ride back thru the jungle and they put us in the front of the most comfortable, climate controlled van by ourselves with a driver back to the hotel.) It was great to get to see the gorgeous national park as the drive on our return trip b/e for sure the drive to the camp was a dark and unhappy blur. 

It was a pretty awesome drive.  We were again in sheer awe of the quality of the infrastructure that supports the tourism and travel sector and the quality and comfort of the modes of transport.  (In addition to being totally taken in by the 1500 year old rainforsts, we're not totally infrastructure obsessed, it the differences between Thai and Zam development is a wee bit ... tough to wrap our heads around at times.)

Team Jennings fell just within the weight limits for the park -- another factor that we had to take in.  TJ is nowhere close to the upper limit but MiniMe was JUST heavy enough and JUST tall enough. (some things we really wanted to do will will save for another day, another journey, b/c found we could not do for this reason.)

Gee, do you think we enjoyed ourselves?  Check out those smiles!  Good times.

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