Thursday, October 10, 2013


7-11 featured prominently during our trip to Thailand.  Half of Thailand's nearly 7,000 stores are located in Bangkok.  When we were stuck in traffic or just going anywhere...instead of 'slug-bug' or the alphabet game or something, we kept a running tally of how many 7-11s we saw along the way.  While Japan holds the "most 7-11s" title with over 15,000 stores, Thailand is #3 after the US (82,000).

Zambia  Well, this isn't entirely true.  They/We have one store that has a 7-11 sign.  Appropriately located in a strip mall of sorts on Alick Nikata Rd in Sunningdale/Kalingalinga it's a liquor store/bottle shop and bar not a convenience store and definitely not an official franchise, but somehow they have a 7-11 sign and when they have power, it's all lit up like a beacon in the night.

This is a very bad segue to the 7-11 phenomenon in our family.  The boys have been waiting a long time for this.  for 3 weeks of their life, between their two birthdays, they are age 7 and age 11.

Alas, these precious weeks have passed and the brothers are 8+11.  Unbelievable.  Here are some of our favourite snaps of these two clowns over the many years.  I"ve yet to click a snap of the two together this week but check back and I promise there will be one.



Happy Birthdays.

(I don't suppose you want to know what the below photo is all about?)

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