Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Back in Zed

Back on our home turf, the family had a few short weeks to regroup before school started. 

The hubs had some stuff going on.... 

I remembered the coffee berry harvest and hopped back out to Munali Hills to visit with the Farm Manager, Monstered, and check in on my favourite crop. 

I always learn or see something new at every farm visit and this year was no exception.  Not only did I hear the story of Mostered’s broken leg (AKKKKKK!) -- which he is VERY lucky to have recovered from.  

He walks with a limp but it’s a minor miracle given the injury.  I’ll spare you the gory details but will not spare you the impressive scar. (above his ankle)  Needless to say he’s lucky to be mobile and I think he’s actually VERY lucky to have his foot attached back where it should be and functioning as a foot should!  I do believe it is the good folks at Lusaka’s Italian hospital who get credit for this ‘save.’  Nice going.

The new thing I got to see this time was the bloom.  Coffee flowers are beautiful little things -- out for just a few days -- and smelling like heaven.  They look a lot like jasmine flowers and have a similar smell but much sweeter, flowery and honey smelling.  I can’t imagine the whole farm in bloom, it must just smell divine.

A farming experiment - teff (front) and wheat (taller).  It was great to see this tiny itty bitty superfood growing in Zambia.   The midwesterner in me can't resist the draw of a good ole' field of grain:

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