Friday, October 18, 2013


Are we STILL in Thailand?  Good grief!  The boys absolutely had to try everything there was to do.  So, one morning, after mornings of trekking, surfing, snorkeling, kayaking, sandcastle building, swimming...they went ROCK CLIMBING!  They are drawn to sports with equipment and gear like months to a flame so this was a perfect sport to try.  They have been to climbing gyms but this holiday found us in one of the world's premier rock-climbing destinations, Railay Beach.

Love at first climb.  he's already hooked.
This is what the Lonely Planet says about climbing at Railay:  "With nearly 500 bolted routes and unparalleled cliff-top vistas, it's no surprise that Railay's dramatic rock faces lay claim to being among the top climbing spots in the world. There are so many climbing options, ranging from beginner routes to challenging advanced climbs, that you could spend months climbing and exploring - and many people do.

The newest buzz is about deep water-soloing where climbers free-climb ledges over deep water - if you fall you will most likely just get wet so even daring beginners can give this a try. Most climbers start off at Muay Thai Wall and One, Two, Three Wall, at the southern end of Hat Rai Leh East, which have at least 40 routes graded from 4b to 8b on the French system. The mighty Thaiwand Wall sits at the southern end of Hat Rai Leh West and offers a sheer limestone cliff with some of the most challenging climbing routes."

We did not to any deep water soloing but the men of family did have a go at some fun and challenging bolted routes.  As with most climbing experiences, it was exhilarating and I'm certain we'll all give the sport another go when the opportunity presents itself. Check out the mad skilz of my small progeny:

Fearless with my new camera body. It was steamy hot.
small boy, big wall
watching big brother get ready.
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