Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Wilderness Club Camping Trip

morning, drifting down the zambezi.  zimbabwe straight ahead.
home sweet weekend home
at the hot springs, late afternoon
The point of no return.
Lawrence, our boatman told a great story about the bare spot on the hillside....Apparently the site, which may be from a meteor hitting the hillside or from a landslide has always been (1) bare and (2) vaguely in the shape of Zambia. It's also sacred.  But you can never go there.  Anyone who HAS gone there has never returned.  It is said that if someone tries to go they will walk and walk and walk and it will always be the same distance in front of them, until suddenly, they turn around and it is behind them.  Is it a wormhole? Some wrinkle in the time/space continuum? No one knows....or ever will.

hot springs vegetation.  the water was cool enough that you could touch it but you could not hold your finger in it for more than a second or two.

golden grasses

Zim-Zam, thank you, ma'am.  TJ and the gang on the banana boat. Can you tell we had fun with the 'panorama' feature on the camera?  It's a bit gimicky but also...kind of cool.  The camera takes about 40 photos as you swing 180 degrees and stitches them together for you. I see that it doesn't really translate to the blog format.  too bad.  they are lovely and fun.  but what can you use them for (besides your fb banner?)

Zambezi River, Zambia on the left, Zimbabwe on the right, the last bend before the valley opens up. (as always, am struggling with my horizon line.  there's even a level on the display and I still always tilt 2.5 degrees.  always  2.5 degrees. there must be something medically that can be done about that.)

gigantic baobab
The kids playing in the hot springs.  We visited three geyser sites in this area.

The camp...our tent in the front with the blue cooler.

Morning boat ride.  Who is that anyway?

"I don't need a shower."

Headed upstream, toward the dam, back toward the camp (just on the right)

TJ and that dorky hat. I hate that hat.  But I always want to borrow it.

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