Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The perfect bag

Why is this the perfect bag? I mean besides the obvious: that it's beautiful.

The Shutterbug Bag, all packed up--but with my old camera in there b/c, uh, I had to use my camera to take the photo.
WHY is this the perfect bag?

1) because it holds my entire camera kit + video + chargers

2) because it was custom made for me

3) because it was free

I handed over the design sketches + pattern a month or so ago -- a local leather shop/workshop recently asked for new designs and put together a contest...the winning design would be put into production, named for the designer, etc.

Mine was not a winner -- not such a surprise -- how many people want/need a bag like this besides me? And what business do I have designing a bag?  But GUESS WHAT?  They called the other day to tell me to come pickup my bag.  "My sketches?" no.... your bag!  we made it for you!

Aw, shucks, really?

The coolest thing about being a designer is seeing your designs alive and out in the world.  Typically the work I do is 2D and I get to see photos, postcards, flyers, brochures, billboards or digital output....but the 3D work is somehow such a surprise when it's finally out there in the world.  The cafes and shops and office spaces that were once in my head and on the computer are now real live spaces with real live people in them and using them and enjoying the million small decisions made about colours and textures and materials and where to put this, that and the other thing.

I've been shopping for ages for the perfect bag and when I couldn't find it* I thought I'd just make it.  There are a few companies that sell these camera bag inserts -- cool b/c they basically turn any messenger bag into an instant camera bag. The insert came finally and I was glad to see it's a perfect fit.  (*Actually, I did find the perfect bag for less than $1,000 but it was so far out of any budget scenario that it remained a distant dream). 

If anyone wants their own Village Chicken Shutterbug Bag, I'll gladly put in your order.  They have some beautiful colors (browns, reds, blues) but I wanted basic black) and get it to you.  You too can have a beautiful bag, HAND MADE IN ZAMBIA from Zambian cows, tanned at a zambian factory (this one, in fact!) and stitched at a workshop just up the road.

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