Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Field + Hockey. Field hockey.

Don't ask what's going on here.  I only know what i see.  Ref.  Boys. Sticks. Ball. Lots of running and whacking.  Not a lot of yelling b/c they are running so much but also b/c they have mouthguards (aka gumshields)

Small boy, Big deal.

In America, the kid's hair would not stand out b/c until if there is a team, it's likely a girls team.  

Thing 2: he's a little bit...little.
I don't pretend to understand this sport.  It's sure fun to watch.  Hard on the head tho -- landed O at the doctor's office twice in one year...last year for the stitches and last week for a delayed concussion.

The boys are apparently both quite good and absolutely LOVE playing. In O's last game we watched him score 2 goals in 5 minutes.  Finn must have touched the ball on every single play in his first game.  He also narrowly missed getting a head to the face -- but dodged it, 'matrix' style.  Am packing medical equipment incl. steri strips.  (Where is the suture kit, dr. matty?? We may need YOU and it! )

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