Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tall Trees

The trees come down and the billboards go up.  LSK is suffering at present from what is a ridiculous invasion of billboards.  It's ugly, unsafe and ridiculous. When I drive to school today I'm going to count the number along the 2.5 km stretch of road between our residential neighbourhood and the turn off to school.  (wait for it!) Counted. From the roundabout on the main road (two lanes going each direction  with a median strip in between which has become "billboard row") to the turn off to school there are 78 commercial billboards that I could spot from the driver's seat.  O counted even more than I could safely see -- this is completely absurd, isn't it? 

I sometimes drive with the camera in the car and I never regret having it; there's always something odd, beautiful, unbelievable, annoying but interesting that "would make a good photo." I wish that the camera I have was a little more, uh, subtle -- there's no mistaking when you are in my sights.  For that reason, I don't take a lot of photos like this.

 This scene above struck me as very funny.  The guys noticed me down below and the rest of the photos (that I took while I was driving past the police checkpoint.  totally safe, totally legal, right?) all have the guys waving at me.  I wish that when YOU look at this photo you could enjoy the absurdity of the moment...the kids in the car screaming at me, the guys waving and shouting (E-WAY! ALLoOOOO MADAMEEEE!) and me laughing hysterically.

As we left town on Friday, we drove under this huge pedestrian overpass which hardly ever has a single person on it.  There was one boy on it that day -- a goatherder, and about 150 little goats!  It was one of those scenes....I didn't get a photo but we'll all remember that moment anyway....just wish I could share it.

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