Thursday, June 9, 2011

simple bear necessities

The primary school had their annual drama production this past week -- a DISNEY DAZZLE spectacular. It was pretty darn cute.  The play was narrated first by Mickey and Minnie and were joined by Uncle Remus (Song of the South), Shere Kahn (the tiger from The Jungle Book), Snow White, Princess and a few more.  (I'm really not up on my Disney characters, especially the newer ones, thank goodness.)  The growing crowd of narrators filled us in about the history of Disney, the success of the films and all the major milestones of animation interspersed with each of the primary classes performances of signature Disney songs.  It was really well done, everyone participated and .... wow were they excited!

Year 4 did "Simple Bear Necessities."  Yours truly volunteered to help with the costumes -- I stepped up when they thought there would be 6 bears.  Fast forward to me with my eyes as big as saucers when I find out that the plan changed and bit and not there were 25 bears!  We scratched our original plan and headed to the Foam Shop in Kamwala and bought three giant sheets of white foam.  FPFJ and I traced and cut out 25 of these (Plus a giant kitty head for good measure along with a few foam swords and surfboards).  Seeing that the bears were not Polar Bears, out came the paints. What a mess.

The night of the play there was an army of face-painters and I think each and every child in the primary school got painted: dwarves, flamingos, dogs, princesses, sprites, tigers, lions and bears....OH MY!

And if you are so sorry you missed the show....not to worry, we have a DVD and I pretty sure if you see us this summer, you will be asked to sit and view.

Finn already has his lines memorized for his 'graduation' play in June, along with everyone else's parts!  They are performing "Wackadoo Zoo."  Now to figure out a "Professor" costume for the little guy....we're fresh out of tweed jackets.  Do professors even wear tweed anymore?

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