Sunday, June 19, 2011

Care to join us for a Dad's Day pint....of wasps?

Care for a second round?

These suckers have been creeping us out.  We have a knotty (naughty?) pine ceiling in our sitting room.  On day we noticed a cluster of these nasty wasps congregating on one of the knots.  They weren't moving so we kind of ignored them.  For weeks.

I also had a party this week and at one point I made a comment about them....everyone was a bit horrified to suddenly know they were sharing their happy party space with a cluster of giant wasps (right over the buffet table, in fact.  Today, Mr. 13Socks decided he was done staring at them and leapt into action.

Happy Father's Day Mr 13Socks!  THANKS for all your crepe-makin, ethiopian-food-bringin, goodnight-kissing, soccer-playin, wasp-trappin, awesome daddy self.  You ARE the best.


KXJ said...
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Kathi of Clan Church said...

Go Todd!