Thursday, June 30, 2011


the boy in london....looking 15 instead of 5.

 We liked the hidden animals in the main hall.

The best stop in the Natural History Museum...the BASEMENT!  Skip the animatron dinosaurs (altho it is really cool), check out the blue whale and friends in the mammals section and then leave plenty of time to head downstairs and play.....

Back up top, we headed to Kenningston Gardens/Hyde Park to the Princess Di Memorial Playground.  With the crowds and the heat the kids downed a bottle of water each, a handful of gummy worms and didn't make it past the first play structure -- a washed up pirate ship. O is up in the crows nest here....


 The London Eye from the Westminster Bridge.

and...for Al the family eagle scout, a quick visit to Robert Baden Powell, the father of scouting.

We did a mad dash thru the Tate Modern -- FPFJ was appropriately awed at seeing Matisse's Snail in person, and O was impressed at the Picasso room and the scale of Ai Weiwei's sunflower seeds installation, even tho we only saw the post-exhibit piece -- just a fraction of the size of the main hall exhibit and a hands-off exhibit (the main exhibit full immersion....walk on the ceramic seeds, hold them, roll around and take a nap on them if you like....sorry to have missed that.

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