Thursday, June 9, 2011

How Sporting

The little kidlets are become quite the athletes.  There seems to be no end to their interest or enthusiasm.
Some snaps of them in action.  The little guy, who is somehow STILL a head shorter than 90% of his classmates, participated in Saturday Soccer and played for 'Team Airtel.'  While the team's win/loss record wasn't so good, the kids (and I dare say, the parents) had a fun season and reached some of their team goals.  The highlight of the season was the invitation to play on the 8-10 year old team for a game.  (The teams are very loosely set up....players swap shirts to fill the lineup and as long as the kids are the age or under they are welcome on the pitch.)  A lot of the fun of playing when you are 5 is the playing that goes on off the pitch.  He hit it off right away with a few of the other kids (lots of different schools participate although it's at the American School and so is mostly kids from AIS) and those clowns spent many hours finding many ways to make it down 'the big hill' by the soccer fields.

O opted to keep up with his Capoiera practice which has a weekend session so he couldn't do soccer, which made for some complicated logistics but meant FPFJ didn't have to push his way onto center stage.  Big brother has a tendency to hog the limelight, just b/c he's so awesome, not b/c he's a big meanie.  The group that practices capoiera on the weekend is all adults and that has been really fun to watch. There is talk of starting a kids' group.  The boys will both squeeze in some work at a Capoiera center in Sea-Town this summer -- we found a studio in SODO that has drop-in classes for kids.  Fun.

O has been doing field hockey at school and really enjoys it.  He's doing "Athletics" as an afterschool activity along with the PE athletics.  As far as I have been able to sort out, it's track-and-field-ish with some funny stuff thrown in.  The local school hold meets.  Our school does miserably at these meets but the kids do their best and of course, have fun doing it.  O has learned a lot about non-sporting topics from his bus trips with the secondary students (YIKES!) and has made some more good friends that maybe he wouldn't normally have hung out with at school. Now mom has to decide about team swimming for next year.  He's been invited to swim but quite honestly....the schedule means a lot of running around for yours truly and would mean little brother would be dragged around Zambia to watch swim galas.  I did swim team as a kid and (yes, mom) really enjoyed it -- so maybe it is my payback time.  I'm remembering all the running around my mom did in Minnesota -- and the big speeding ticket to make it to the Cornelius Classic in time for my race....
O running a 50m sprint at the "Ten Step" meet at the Italian School.  The kids did 10 different athletics/sporting races, including the high jump, long jump, beanbag races, and a 50 m jump-rope race!

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