Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Thinking Pink

While sharing photos with the kids, some of Hugh's pictures ended up on their computer my hands!  I wanted to share these two flamingo with the world. I also thought it would be fun to share his final birding report:

February 2011:

Zambia - 67 species seen
South Africa - 70 species seen
Total - 133 species
New or Life Birds - 54 species

This is pretty impressive given that they had one morning birding trip in Zambia with a big group from the ornithological society and one dedicated birding morning in South Africa, no guided birding tours and no experts to identify calls or point out unusual species.  Hugh was armed with his binoculars (no scope) his digital camera and a book. We missed the weekend pelagic birding trips (every Saturday) b/c of the train fiasco....I mean the train trip.....and morning cheetah encounter.

His most exciting spotting (from our perspective) was the hornbill that was for some reason in our big tree out front.  We've also got a breeding pair of barn owls who are usually shy and elusive (they fly out of the palm by the pool every night at dusk, one at a time and silently disappear into the night.  Lately though they are screeching and squawking and hanging out in the garden til all hours.  We'll be on the lookout for little owlets soon I think.

We also missed going to "World of Birds" which is a bird sanctuary in Cape Town with about 3,000 birds.  Unfortunately, we likely won't ever get there...the sanctuary is on the verge of closure. 

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