Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Scratch Patch

Tucked away off the main drag in Simon's Town on the Cape is....the world famous Scratch Patch.  What, you ask, is the Scratch Patch?  I still am not sure myself, but I know that I spent over 2 hours there with two small boys who must have touched every one of three million polished stones before they picked out their own precious collections of special rocks.  

The gemstone tumbling factory in Simon's Town, SA is the largest of it's sort in the world.  The kids had to themselves the whole Scratch Patch, which is simply a massive open play area whose floor is completely covered (about 10 inches deep) with polished stones from every corner of the world.  

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johan said...

Hi It looks like you had fun at the Scratch Patch in Simonstown. I was looking for a photo to go with my blog post and found yours and then your blog story.

Please have a look at let me know if you are happy with what I have done: http://blog.capeholidays.info/2012/08/30/20-holiday-things-to-do-with-kids-in-cape-town/