Tuesday, April 12, 2011

6 in 6 plus 1

In a testosterone-filled home you'd think it would be all mud-pies and skinned knees.....but no....the boys don't shy away from any project, even sewing.


Maybe it is the allure of making something from nothing or using heavy machinery --- my old sears singer counts as heavy machinery, doesn't it?   Both kids are incredibly creative and are always asking about doing this project or that.  Their eagerness to bust out the scissors and raid my chitenge stash inspired a recent stitching marathon.

In honor of the recent and remarkable "6 in 6 plus 1"* we celebrated by putting together some quilts.  Only the tops are done and there is no quilt batting to be found in all of LSK so we'll save the big 'reveal' for another day.  In the meantime, I just had to declare my pride at having two more confirmed quilters in the family.

* 6 baby boys (Solomon, Fisher, Ronan, Soren, Sam, and Noah - in that order!) born to friends in 6 weeks, plus new sweetheart Madelise Irene who arrived just yesterday. Congratulaions, everyone! 

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