Saturday, March 19, 2011

Close encounters

On the grounds of the Spier Vineyard is an animal outreach and encounter facility.  They have 'ambassador' animals which are available for encounters.  We were able to keep this side-trip a secret from O, aka Mr. Cheetah.  I think "stunned" is an appropriate description of his reaction (everyone's!) at getting to spend some time with and to pet this snoozy cheetah named Pedro.  The boys also got to do an 'eagle encounter' and got to see all kinds of raptors up close.  They both got to hold these eagle owls (below).  This photo is from the end of their time in the owl flight cage.  The boys had heavy leather gloves on but one talon of this owl was off the edge of the leather and poking FPFJ's arm. All part of the experience.

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