Tuesday, October 20, 2009

les politicos

Pictured above, Penny and Karen, more famously knows as "Calder's moms" are working hard to spread the word about Seattle's Ref. 71: http://kuow.org/program.php?id=18619

These two characters, (now three!) are prominent and permanent fixtures in our lives. Even a trip to Zanzibar (below, the kids at a spice shop in Stonetown) was no exception, as Penny has professional and personal ties to Zanzibar. They are a family, they are our family.
"Two of these things are not like the others!
Two of these thing don't belong.
Can you tell which of these is not like the others?
before I finish my song?"

We ARE different, and yet... we are the same. The world is a wonderful and exciting and scary place because every person is different.

Please do your research as you go to the polls in November. Above all, VOTE.

Ref. 71 language: "The Legislature passed Engrossed Second Substitute Senate Bill 688 concerning rights and responsibilities of state-registered domestic partners, and voters have filed a sufficient referendum petition on this bill. This bill would expand the rights, responsibilities and obligations accorded state-registered same-sex and senior domestic partners to be equivalent to those of married spouses, except that a domestic partnership is not a marriage."

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