Sunday, October 18, 2009

Jambiani, Zanzibar

A million years ago I was a coral reef ecologist. While snorkeling in the lagoon off Jambiani on Zanzibar I got to share that with the boys. Any question of whether this 11th hour trip and all the hassles that came with it was 'worth it' was settled at that moment. O and Finny both got in the water with us after we sailed out to the barrier reef in this dhow (above) to snorkel in a shallow spot behind the barrier reef. Owen, who, for better or worse knows all about Chaetodons as indicators of reef health got to finally see them swimming two by two on their little coral bommies. (Owen reluctantly let me take his camera in the water with me...only after I promised to get him a new one if I ruined it.)

Happy, sunburned, headed back to the Sau at Jambiani after snorkeling

Finn, below, getting ready for his first snorkel back in August at Isle de Madeleine in Senegal

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