Saturday, August 29, 2009


I'm sure noooo oooonnneee has ever taken THIS photo of the Eiffel Tower. I think I have the exact photo from a trip there in 1988

On the way back to Lusaka we had a looooonnnnngggg layover in Paris. We rallied, despite the fact that when we landed it was 10pm in Seattle and we were FRIED and it was really quite toasty warm that day. We had it on good authority that there would be multiple ice cream stops to lure the kids along if we did indeed decide to leave the airport and venture into the city and so...we took the train straight to La Tour Eiffel. Photo evidence below.
Voila les Jennings a la 2eme etage! We took the nearly 700 steps up (TJ carried Finn most of the way, ooh la la and oof-da) to the second stage...the kids walked down on their own, thank goodness....with the promise of lunch and ice cream at the bottom of course.

The kids somehow had energy to chase pigeons

enfin, la glace!

the kids could only last so long....This is how they spent the rest of the afternoon in the city of lights. REM sleep on the go--at least it was french REM sleep, oui?