Saturday, August 29, 2009

Summer vacation, part II

Above, Fleet Week! Below - a totally random collection of photos from the summer. What a great time we had. Never a dull moment.

The dog days of summer...Ruby and Bella enjoying a moment together/not together. This was the morning after the now-famous automatic sprinkler incident at Battle Point. oof
....always eager, ruby the retriever brings in a log
Rubbing GW's nose at the Capitol building for good luck.
Channeling the Beetles
Bocce Ball!
Working on the boat ... Todd of course did most EVERYTHING but he's not choosing the photos today, now is he? I'm so incredibly pleased with this gorgeous 'goldeneye'.
The blue Angles on their practice day - the first time we've all gone down to the lake for the show. Great Fun! (except for that poopy-diaper smell that we never did pin down...)
The music of the water drums at the Cedar River Watershed Education Center
Wine Tasting! Doesn't everyone take their 3, 6, and 10 year olds to wine tastings? They should.

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Teresa said...

The Cedar River picture is so very pretty.