Monday, March 31, 2008

More Critters

As promised, more animals.

Lionesses at the Protea Lodge

A sitatunga (above) ...hanging by the pool.

"Imphamvu" was orphaned when her mother died from anthrax and was taken in by a family in Chibembe. The family had another elephant called Moto and a zebra called Ebba. The other animals (plus a second zebra) caught anthrax from Imphavu and die. The family made a new camp at Tafika and brought Imphavu with them. After many happy years there she began raiding the local villagers' fields and drinking their beer. They sent her to a game ranch about an hour's drive outside of Lusaka...the Protea Lodge. There were some unsuccessful attempts to release her back into elephant groups in South Luangwa.

Wetlands at the Protea Lodge game reserve

baby python and lunch - the kids were playing with some chicks on the grounds which I assumed had something to do with it being the Easter holiday weekend. Apparently they (there are 4 or 5 of these pythons in the pit) eat 5 a day...

Weaver birds (me without my guidebook) and their nests, hanging above the crocs.

(above) Future Belt, (Below) "elfanant"
Below, The wildest, most unpredictable animal in all of Africa: a toddler without a nap.

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Teresa said...

Whew! Where to begin commenting....I love all the photos. The reflection of the sky in the wetlands has a special, dreamy appeal to me. And the elephant! Do you listen to the music of WHY? They have an album Elephant Eyelashes; it popped instantly into my mind when I saw your photo! Yeah, strange music taste for a middle aged woman, I know. Our college aged daughter is the big influence there.