Sunday, March 30, 2008


Todd really is working - he even went into the office the day after we got here. He's busy and I think not used to dealing with work AND the likes of us. We were so lucky to see some familiar faces our first week - Hana was in town for a week or so and even Meg's trip overlapped with ours. Ed was here on his first visit from Seattle and we were able to pop into a monthly market with him to get some handicrafts, snacks and touch base with a few locals. Owen brought his camera but he didn't want to take any pictures. arghh.

Todd was designated/default photographer for a press conference this week at the National Malaria Control Center (NMCC, aka his office) for the launch of the "River of Life" expedition down the Zambezi river - to raise awareness of malaria.
the link, if you're interested:
and some photos from the Lusaka press conference.

The Hon Dr Brian Chituwo, Minister of Health (Zambia) and Chairperson of the SADC Ministers of Health opened the most recent coordination meeting for the Zambezi Expedition. (above) Kamoto performers. (below) The Kamoto Community Arts is a community-based organisation formed in 1990. It is a theatre, music and dance ensemble, comprised of theatre for development practitioners and professional actors and dancers. Kamoto Arts' Participatory Performance Practice (PPP) addresses the experiences and interests of the communities. It uses theatre for conflict resolution, problem analysis and needs assessment with an emphasis on community participation and a focus on traditional performance. The focus area of work is both urban and rural Zambia.

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