Sunday, April 6, 2008

Owen's school...the big mystery

School seems great – Owen started in K at the American International School. AIS has a great campus, small classes (16 in Owen’s class - I know, teachers in Seattle, most of whom have an impossible 28 kids in their classes are green with envy over this as they should be. Let’s work to get class size down in Seattle Schools!) .

Todd has been bringing Owen to and fro so I am kind of in the dark about the details of school and Owen’s school day…I know they have watched a scary movie in French class, I know they did PE and Owen STILL doesn’t have his school uniform (which is only for PE), I know he ate his lunch and snack down to the last crumb the first day but ate a few peanuts the second day. I know they had a birthday party and he got a piece of pink cake and brought a balloon home for Finn. I know that he met the US Ambassador on Friday b/c she came to officially open the new ‘early learning center’ which is the new preschool facility. I know they had a substitute teacher on Friday. This is all I know. I really miss being able to drop him off and pick him up, pop in, and of course to work in the classroom.

School is in session until June 20th…they just had a 2 week break (I think Seattle has break this week as well). The public schools, “government schools” are coming to their break this week – the kids go three months on, one month off. I think all of these school have great uniforms – jumpers, sweaters, slacks, button-down shirts – which I was really looking forward to for O. No such luck. The kids look so nice walking to school in packs – all in their school colors. Owen just has his leopard logo AIS tee-shirt and black shorts for PE twice a week.

In the end, he's happy with school and glad to go. Getting out the door is tough - school starts at 7:15, out at 2pm.


Teresa said...

Call me confused...I thought he was going to switch to the UN school now. Anyway, I am glad all is going smoothly in the 'school arena'. Hey, I am for 'unis' (uniforms) too...even for teachers! Think of the $$$ we could save!
Teresa/Mrs. Goethe

Shirley (Mom) said...

Hi, Ann, Todd, Owen and Finny! Staci's Mom here. I love checking to see if you have added to your blog and hearing about your adventures. I live vicariously! ha
Love the pictures and learning the differences in our cultures. What an experience for your family. We are getting ready for our annual trip to Curlew which reminds me of poor Finn waking up last year back in Seattle and wondering where all the boats and the water was. Wish you could share next week with us. I know Staci misses you so much!
Take care. Shirley