Sunday, March 30, 2008


Hopefully you've checked out Owen's blog (see link at the bottom of this blog page) and hopefully you've checked out his photos from a little trip we took an hours' drive outside town where went on a little safari drive. We had the truck to ourselves (excepting our driver, guide and some extremely large spiders which our guide obligingly scooped off).

Here is a smattering of critter pics from that trip and from a trip we took to the Kalimba Reptile farm. They have crocs of all shapes and sizes and also...snakes. I'm not a big snake fan and was a little freaked out at the green mambas, black mambas, spitting cobras, python etc. the big crocs are impressive. the little ones are destined to become belts, bags and wallets (it is a farm), not sure about the gigantic ones.

We've seen lots of cool bugs, frogs and birds and are anxious for all our guide books to get here! For now, just a few photos. (I have some more but can't load them up right now...check back!)

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Lisa said...

OK. I give up. Is that a small crocodile chasing Finn down by the pool?