Wednesday, April 25, 2012


my little phone and some sample sachets -- fits nicely in your pocket. easy to conceal and carry around.  They are especially popular with bus and taxi drivers.....  I picked these up during my walk -- from the rubbish not from a vendor!
This week the government put a nationwide ban on Tujilijili....overnight it became illegal to buy, sell, consume, stock, distribute, import, manufacture, possess or drink it.  What is tujilijili?  Plastic packetes/sachets with 20-50mls of liquor, 40-50% alcohol by volume. Some are strongly flavored, other are straight shots of whisky, rum or branday. Small, cheap (500 to 1000 kwacha/ 10 - 20 cents  per sachet) and easy to conceal, the tujilijili packets that litter the streets are evidence of its popularity and ubiquity.  While the response to the ban has been publicly positive, the traders and manufacturers are finding public support for their position as they have been left with unsold and now illegal stock.

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