Saturday, January 22, 2011

Reading Post #2

Santa brought a cool present this year: a Kindle ebook.

I read a lot and participate in a book club --- which is more like a movable book library and coffee club -- and books are traded between friends freely.  There are a few book groups that are very serious and you have assigned reading each month and formal discussions -- not for me.  Our group is very informal; a bunch of us sit around & eat snacks and drink coffee for two hours while we decide what of the four giant bins of books is worth reading next.  The snacks are always amazing and the company and support of this group of women has been fantastic.  The book collection is getting a bit stale, however.  And the best books I have I pass on to friends while the fluffy ones I bring for the bins.  (I'll admit to being part of the problem with the stale books.)

The Kindle experience has been interesting.  I got some great books downloaded as presents and new books are a single click away.  With a decent WIFI signal I can search the Kindle shop and download a book in a minute or two straight to the ebook (and the money straight from our bank account - gulp, it's frighteningly easy and high up there with the instant gratification factor.)   There are a whole bunch of classics for free.  I can get audio files as well but I have not tried that yet.  I imagine that TJ would like to experiment with that feature -- download historical speeches or NPR?  I'm really not sure what's possible but would like to get him on board.  He's not convinced and is as I speak probably ordering a book he wants ("Africa"  a very unappealing title for a book that looks/sounds fantastic) and having it hand carried in someone's luggage when I can order the exact same book for a lower price and have start to read it in 60 seconds.

While waiting at the dentist office the other day we downloaded a Curious George book.  Just because we could.  The main problem I see with this new toy is that I can't easily share.

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