Saturday, January 22, 2011

Reading Post #1


So the little one is now reading and part of his program at school is working with a series of word lists which consists of 'high frequency words.'  I will brag that he's the only one in reception to have already mastered the word lists (for the year) and is flying through the book list at lightening speed.

To support the school program we have home flash cards with phonic letters and letter groups and now...word cards.  I printed up cards with the word lists and added a few to make sentence building more interesting i.e. his friends' names, common nouns (tree, sky, house, etc).  I also added the words HEAD and BOTTOM.  I did it on purpose knowing that the kids would use them as potty words and of course they have.  So, is it enough that they are reading and playing with the word lists?  Did I lower the quality of their learning AND manipulate them into actually using these little word cards?

We're also reading the Emily Post kids' manners book for bedtime reading if that redeems our parenting decisions in any way

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