Sunday, December 15, 2013

Professor Siku

Musiku, Busiku, Zeekey or just plain Siku:  this is our dog. People say "He's CRAZY!" and we cannot disagree.  He eats frog jerky and ignores his dish of gravy train kibble, nibbles on sword ferns (eats them to the ground) and has to be begged to take a bone from the butcher.  He can outrun a car and out-jump Michael Jordan.  He can eat (and throw up) a whole stomach-full of honey bees.  He believes he's invisible and indestructible.  In short, he's completely nuts.

But -- my new prime lens managed to capture him looking so scholarly and dignified, I just had to post the pooch.... thoughtful and serene.

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John Miller said...

Very nice indeed. He is looking much older and more settled than the crazy dog we had.