Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas in Malawi

Christmas day at Ngala Beach on Lake Malawi 

And a collection of snaps from our week away from home.....

Santa found us - and dropped off emergency nutella...these were teeny tiny glass jars, perfect for the stockings, THANKS SANTA!!

We drove around 2,000kilometers....6 hours from Lusaka to Chipata and then another 6 to Ngala via Lilongwe and Salima....we returned via Nkhotakota Forest Wildlife Reserve to Mchinji.  My driver really is incredible...cute too!  Todd does nearly ALL of the driving on every road trip without a single complaint, and keeps us all safe and happy and entertained with an endless lineup of podcasts and music.

 We had a great day at the Nkhotakota Pottery studio but the restaurant there was...less than impressive - this photo kind of summed it up! Unfortunately for O the visit was on one of those days when he was RAVENOUS and the lack of sleep + the lack of ketchup sent him into an absolute tailspin!  He had a breakdown at the lunch table and ended up in my arms, sobbing.  The service wasn't THAT bad??!! (but, in his defense, the grilled cheese sandwich he ordered was kind of gross and I think they poured evaporated milk on something that vaguely resembled a mini apple tart....making it doubly unpleasant.)

we found ourselves smack in the middle of malawi

 Lake Malawi is famous for its ciclids and....scuba diving! we swam and paddled and frolicked but always with an eye out for crocodiles -- it was pretty difficult to trust that they really weren't there.  Malawi is also famous for it's pottery and....it's potters.  The boys (3) had a great lesson and session at the pottery studio....it was tough to leave -- they are hooked!


(below)...rain in Mozambique --- NOT an underwater nuclear test!!

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