Monday, April 15, 2013

Tri again!

Team STORM!  (with the exclamation point) Did they win extra awards for all those dimples?

We made thru another triathlon season!  Despite the very miniscule amount of training we did, our race times were.... the same as last year when we put a massive amount of effort into biking, swimming and running.  That's no good! ( Maybe it's because we kept up with a baseline fitness program?  I'm thinking not.)

We did the team sprint race first, O finishing the run and then, after a quick trip to the medic tent to patch up his bleeding-thru-his-shoes new blister, started his individual race.  He was smiling the whole time, so clearly enjoyed himself.  It's so nice to see the boys really challenge themselves like this.

At any rate -- again it was great fun and we all came home with ugly tee shirts that don't fit anyone (actually, only the boys did, we didn't bother to pick ours up!) and LOADS of medals and prizes.  This year the smallest Jennings took home the most awards.  He finished his race (100m swim, 3K bike and 1K run) first for the under 9's (he's 7 remember!) and improved his time from last year by almost 6 minutes despite his very leisurely swim.  (This was very strange to see...he's usually pretty fierce when it comes to racing!)

For his team STORM! race with his buddies his swim was spectacular, Gav ROCKED the cyle and Roan cleared the finish line just 3 seconds ahead of the next under-9 team.  awesome!  Finn is certain that they won b/c he passed someone in 'the chute' between the pool and tagging his cyclist.   The races are run in batches of 4 or 5 people so it's rare that you are actually racing against someone -- races are run/swum/cycled purely by the clock. (they use a 5 lane pool and run each batch 10m apart from 7am til about 1pm -- the ULTRA race uses a different pool). A head-to-head might be in order next year b/c you know how hard these little people push themselves when they can SEE their competition.

As SOOn as we got home they got online and went shopping for new bikes.  They have saved/earned enough money to buy new ones themselves!  The grown-ups are going to be mighty jealous when they arrive in Zambia.

Photos from the day:

Popping wheelies and doing tricks while waiting.  Only 1 Endo while going DOWN THE STAIRS?!!   This we did not hear about until much later in the day.  Notice the fashion statement.  Typically the socks are only long enough if they can reach ABOVE the knees.  Thankfully he's over the waistband-to-the-armpits phase.  That phase lasted far longer than you can imagine.
The handoff.  The Rabble-Rousers' cyclist tags the runner.
Our runner...looking for the medic tent closest to the finish line... He wore nearly new socks AND shoes.  Oops.

Brrrrrr.  The morning swims were cold!  The only thing keeping this kid warm right now is his sunburn. O is just starting his individual race after having just finished his run and gotten his toe all wrapped up.  Three cheers for school nurses! (and kids who won't back down from a challenge!)

and...into the drink he goes....
Team Jennings gloating over our apparent victory over Team Akros.   Benj only LOOKS like he's going to kick our butts.  We are waiting for O to cycle in.... Here he comes now on the bike he borrowed from his best friend the night before.  We had to switch out tyres and make some other adjustments but we were so happy to have found a bike at the last moment!

and here he goes!  "My LEGS!! They feel so FUNNY!"
Most peoples' reaction to the muscle-awkwarndess of the bike/run transition is grimacing and limping.   This kid was giggling.  He thought it was hilarious!  Also, he was happy not to have a repeat of last year's bee incident.  A ginormous carpenter bee chased him IN on the cycle and OUT on the run!
Happy to be done.  And to get some orange juice.  And to have had a cheering section along the way!  The school organized both participants and supporters! That was exciting.
Make sure you don't lose your swim trunks!
Thing 2's Individual race begins!  What a dive!
He's long since crossed the finish line.  He's looking for the juice.....

Here he goes AGAIN!  Back for another 100m swim for Team STORM!  He got to race against his buddy Oliver who he knows from his soccer team last year.  Oliver has a tiny little brother who was racing solo in the Juniors race (25m swim, 1km cycle and 300m run) -- SO CUTE! 
It was this sprint from the pool that edged team STORM! to victory...they finished just 3 seconds before the next under 9 team, the Fizzing Fireworks.
On the podium!
 until next year....

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