Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Holiday

For Easter we camped out at our friends' property.....just 40 min from our house, across town. I love how this photo makes it look like we are IN space.  It felt like it -- the night was so beautiful.

Exploring at dusk -- as soon as the sun fell, the valley cooled off instantly. We were out looking for giraffe...found lots of impala and guinea hens and other lovely creatures.  (giraffe prints and giraffe poo, but no twiga)

Silent Night.

The boys being boys.

Bridge building before the Safari Ants came out to play (ouch)

This young fellow came to check out what was for breakfast.

Art Deco moth 

 Two other families joined us -- and brought the most amazing easter brunch spread you could have imagined!  It was such a great day.

 Not everyone could come.... Tej? Ivan?

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