Thursday, October 6, 2011

a little vermicelli on top

Do you want to know the best bring-to-school summer birthday treats EVER?

Chocolate cookie and vanilla ice cream sandwiches with.....chocolate sprinkles.  Easy peasy, cheap and mighty delicious despite that the store-bought ingredients separately are really not at all delicious. not in the least.  But put them together and there is some crazy alchemy of flavors and crunch and cold goodness.

But this distracts us from the "chocolate sprinkles" lexiconographic discussion:

Jimmies?  East coast US (Boston origin circa 1940s). I am not from the eastern seaboard and will wholesale refuse the term "jimmies."  They incidentally call rainbow sprinkles "Rainbox Sprinkles"  which makes a lot of sense. Why not "chocolate sprinkles?"  Does that not make perfect sense?

Some people argue, and I'm NOT sayin' who (but it's the same people who say "kah" instead of CAR with an "R" sound), that big fat chocolate sprinkles are "Chocolate Sprinkles" where the normal small ones are still "jimmies."

Oh really.

Here in Zambia?  They are vermicelli. come on. Apparently it's the "industry" terminology.  Last I checked, Vermicelli are a traditional Italian pasta...round and a bit thicker than spaghetti (which is too thick already).

Please, people. Chocolate Sprinkles.


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Holly Hickling said...

I understand your point, but they're still "jimmies."