Monday, November 1, 2010


Siku.  A rare moment of (1) contemplation (?) and (2) stillness.

Siku.  Demonstrating his (1) athleticism (2) brilliance. (?) 

Siku as we typically see him, a blur, a skinny black blur. 
His ribs show even when he's a blur.

This very very strange dog we have here, Siku, is the oddest creature I have ever encountered.  He is frequently on a hunger strike despite the full dish of real-meat-gravy soaked dog food (and any meaty table scraps we can put together for him) and yet he'll happily and systematically eat our sword ferns down the nibbins and will collect, gnaw on and bury rotten avocados.  He'll forgo a foam bed with a clean blanket on the patio by the house for a pile of wet leaves in the pouring rain.  He'll chase bees and birds, skinks (lizards) and cars -- all with pretty miserable outcomes --- but won't chase a ball or frisbee or dog toy.

The oddest thing is that he HATES the water.  It's been really hot and the dog is black and lays down, tongue hangin' out, slobbering from the heat on the asphalt we lured him to the pool with a handful of meat and tossed him in the water.  He can swim but he swam the totally wrong direction and couldn't get out, another attempt, another frantic paddle.....until we had to haul him out.  We're certain he felt better for it but the result was that he needed to run circles around the yard for 30 minutes re-gain his 'composure.' so in the end I doubt it did much good.

But how do we 'feel' about Siku.  I suppose we love's just that he's so odd ... and I'm mad at him for not being Ruby.

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