Saturday, November 27, 2010

Book Week

The kids celebrated BOOK WEEK at school....Friday was 'Villians and Heroes' dress up day (or dress like a book character).  I saw Tinkerbell and Peter Pan taking the register to the office, the Grand Witch (roald dahl) jumping rope at recess, the Ice Queen (HC Andersen) teaching math to year 3, and Stellaluna getting a phonics lesson from Barney.  Zeus was throwing lightening bolts while smacking gum that Violet Beauregard had given to all of year 4....and lots of kids were ready to go to platform 9-3/4 right after assembly.  O won the prize for his research and costume for upper primary, but also earned his silver award AND got his stage four amateur swimming association patch.  whew.  exciting week.  Finny is charging forward into his reading program and is so proud to have a book with words for his homework reading and FOUR word lists to practice every day.  wow.

Harry at school with Violet Beauregard...the gum chewing bubble gum champion who turns into a blueberry at the Willy Wonka factory....she is post-popped here... Violet is nearly a year older but even she was wondering if little Harry here had given himself a shrinking spell or if she had some growing beans for breakfast!  The girl is like a stringbean to begin with, but lately you can practically SEE her growing.  Note to self:  get magic growth beans for our little stellaluna....