Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ruby in the Sky With Diamonds

Like so many great dogs we have known - Raina, Doug Fir, Sally, Joey, Sparky, Muffin.... it was time to say goodbye. We are sad but we are happy to have had such a great dog and also to have had so many friends and family take her in while we are away.  Thanks to the Grandparents, to Rachael and Scott, Jason and Marie, and Kathi and Marc, and to Jim, Molly and their girls for whom Ruby was as much theirs as ours.  

Or maybe it's that we were hers.

Ruby, who would follow Todd anywhere

Our fondest Ruby memories? 
Picking her out of the litter at Battleground
learning that dogs have belly buttons and that their puppy teeth fall out
that tail...ouch, that TAIL!
toilet paper tubes
search and rescue and agility training
frozen peanut butter kongs
her inability to BACK UP
umbilical cord (owen’s that is......ewwww)
leash laws (and violating them)
off-leash parks (and loving them)
the Greenbank Farm
harmonica howling
mud puddles
digging for gold
Receiving a trophy for “Best Dog” odience training class (the no-treat class)
Failing the AKC Obedience training class (the salami and cheese treat class)
the beach, the beach, the beach, the beach
more beach
tennis balls
pretend sleeping 
space invading
fake snoring
and the fact that she never believed for even a second that she was not a little lap dog

Wag more, bark less.
Good girl, Ruby.

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Kathi of Clan Church said...

...and hanging out in the kiddie pool in the summer. With a huge ball in her mouth.

I'm pretty darn sure that Cooper's there to welcome Rube to the other side.

We love you, Ruby.