Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Road Trip Stills

Charcoal for sale along the side of the highway. These bags are about 4 ft. tall.

For a lack of being able to string two coherent sentences together, I'm offering up a photo essay of the drive from Lusaka to Chirudu at the Zim/Zam (thank you ma'am) border we did on our way to the Lower Zambezi for O birthday fishing/camping.

Sign for one of Chiawa's two schools. (FYI turn right at the big tree with the plastic bag tied to it, after the other, blue school sign)

Banana Plantion. "How many Banana Trees are there, Mommy?" I do love that they think I may know the answer but I can't event take a guess. The plantation went on and on and on....

We each had our own "admission of guilt" forms in the car already from transgressions earlier in the week. I will bite my tongue.

This corner is especially tricky. Today there was one breakdown (the loaded down semi-trailer in the middle of the highway there? two escaped containers (one visible) and one whole truck that went over the cliff to the left....

7-11 Zambian style.

Waiting to clear customs/immigration to/from Zimbabwe

Rurn right

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