Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Row, Row, Row my boat!

Witness here the maiden voyage of my gorgeous Pygmy Arctic Tern. Todd (aka Mr. Boatbuilder) finished it 98% last summer and 99.5% this needs polishing and the final coat of epoxy, deck rigging needs a name.

Mr. Boatbuilder hopes to get started some day on a Pygmy Coho for himself but has a great fiberglass boat in the meantime with a storied travel history we hope to match. Not surprisingly, the kids were instantly hooked by this sweet little boat (14-feet and all of 28 pounds) that even FPFJ could handle on his own (in two feet of water with both of us standing by in case your were already calling CPS).

In a perfect world we would ship the Coho kit to Zambia and put it together here where we have the time and space and great dry climate .... but sadly, Zambia does not have the water nor access to all the little things that TJ ran out to Ace Hardware for at midnight! As I a perfect world...

exploring the kelp beds off Lincoln Park

Auntie Jean and FPFJ in Puget Sound "IT"S TIPPYYYYYYYY!" (It's so not!)

Kyla soloing at barely 11, headed off on an adventure of her own!

Harry of "Harry Went to Town" fame:

Little 13socks: "It's PADDLING mommy, not rowing."

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